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Interstate Hydra - Nocturnes

Exactly three years ago I made an ambient EP under the name "Interstate Hydra" and put it up on Bandcamp. Up until now I have kept this alias a secret and only shown these tunes to a few people, but I figured it's been long enough. Here is Nocturnes:

Nocturnes was made entirely in Audacity using the "sound dumplings" method described in an earlier post. This was a total 180 from my usual workflow, which is to synthesize everything with SuperCollider code.

Prior to Nocturnes, I released another EP You Deserve To Be All Alone. The final track "Tennessee" was the first Interstate Hydra track to be produced, and its relative success motivated me to develop these Audacity mashups into a serious project. The first track "We Were Young" opens with the first ever proper sound dumpling created for the project. Other than that, it's fairly barren and not really worth listening to.

"For Ellie" is a single released months after Nocturnes, and is formally the simplest Interstate Hydra track, comprising a row of sound dumplings in arch form.

I don't plan on returning to the Interstate Hydra alias for quite some time, but I hope you enjoy these tracks. Thank you for listening.