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I'm Nathan Ho, an SF Bay Area-based musician, software engineer, and educator specializing in digital signal processing. I have a BFA in Music Technology from CalArts. Previously, I've worked as a programmer for Dolby and spent several years as a volunteer for the open source audio platform SuperCollider.

Since 2021, I have run the YouTube channel SynthDef, where I upload full SuperCollider coding sessions and show off some patches I've been working on.

If you have questions or comments, you can email me at nathan.waikin.ho with the domain If you are on the forums, I'm also reachable by private message there as simply "nathan."

About this site

I started this personal blog as an outlet for talking about my interests in music tech, particularly algorithmic music, reverb design, physical modeling, virtual analog, vocal synthesis, and the history of music technology. Some posts are dedicated to explaining existing concepts, and others serve as lab notebook entries for projects I've undertaken. Although most posts will be about music and audio, expect occasional writing about mathematics and computer graphics.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you recommend any beginner resources for learning SuperCollider? See "Opinionated Advice for SuperCollider Beginners."

Why don't you use Patterns in your SuperCollider code? I currently have a blog post in the works about this. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

Do you give private lessons? Yes, my email is above.

Do you have the source code for patch X? Source code for selected patches is available on my Patreon. If you sign up for a private lesson, then I'd be happy to break down pretty much any patch you want.